State Game Department Building, Seattle, WA


The former State Game Department Building is another building located in the South Lake Union neighborhood, which is rapidly being redeveloped with older buildings being demolished for more dense, mixed-use projects. At this time the State Game Department Building is occupied by Walsh Construction Company.


The basic shape of the building is the same as originally built with a prominent double-height glass entrance, a flat roof with deep eave and horizontal window rows facing an off-street parking lot. However a flat entrance canopy has been removed and the finishes have changed somewhat. Originally the building featured aluminum as a prominent exterior detail. In fact the project was featured in a 1956 book, Aluminum in Modern Architecture, published by Reynolds Metal Company. Some of the original metal details, some of which still exist, are aluminum spandrels, sashes and the title and seal of the State Game Department set on brick on the left side of the front facade (where the company name is now).

IMG_2286The building was built in 1949 by James C. Gardiner & Associates. Shortly after this project was complete, Gardiner moved to Portland and continued business largely in Oregon. This building remains a prominent example of his work in Washington State, however it’s unclear how long it will remain in situ with the radical changes in South Lake Union. Immediately next to the property at the corner of Fairview Avenue and Republican Street, a row of Victorian era buildings await demolition.


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