157 Roy Street, Seattle, WA


157 Roy Street is a former Power Control Center for Seattle City Light. This bunker-like building was built in 1963 and designed by Harmon, Pray and Detrich. Again, we greatly recommend the Docomomo WEWA site for their in-depth research on Pacific Northwest mid-century modernism.


Unlike our last entry, the Cascade Natural Gas Corporation, it is unclear what is currently happening at 157 Roy. While some signs such as the chain-link fence point to possible demolition, there are also comments online that the building may be rehabilitated. It is listed as surplus property owned by the city and Seattle may be eager to sell it for development if it has not already.


The building itself is covered in an aggregate material. There are minimal windows on the main domed structure with rows of windows on both sides of what seems like the administration wing, which overhangs the parking area. There is also an aggregate paneled divider which acts as a fence between 157 and the neighboring property. It’s a very intact and quirky structure that may not be around for long.



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4 Responses to 157 Roy Street, Seattle, WA

  1. quintessential 70s. i love it.

  2. Greg says:

    Thanks for “discovering” and posting this! It’s a gem, just a block away from Seattle Center- the 1962 World’s Fair grounds, which is chock-full of mid-century modern. 157 Roy St. has been chain-linked for a few years now. Definitely a candidate for re-use. Love the “No Trucks” signage.

  3. Bill says:

    I walk by this every day. It has served various functions, including the Uptown Neighborhood, offices for public officials, meeting places, drop in center, etc. I was told it was built to withstand a nuclear blast so as to keep controls working, so it has a four or six-inch thick lead shield. This lead is a major consideration to any demolition plans – sort of like an asbestos problem only heavier.

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