Cascade Natural Gas Corporation, Seattle, WA


The low-rise Cascade Natural Gas Corporation Building complex sits at the intersection Fairview Avenue and John Street N in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. Built 1956-57, with 1962 and 1975 additions, the complex is in intact example of a corporate headquarters of the era.


The architects were Lamont and Fey, a regional firm. More about Lamont and Fey can be read on the Docomomo WEWA site, which we recommend for their in-depth research on Pacific Northwest architects, styles and neighborhoods. Some, although not all, of our information comes from their rich database.


The U-shaped, two-story building features stone veneer detailing at the entrance gate, on the upper floors facing the street and on the side elevation, while the rest of the facade is flat masonry, in a pale shade. Horizontal window bands protrude from the three main facades and are covered by vertical steel louvers, dating from the 1962 alteration.

IMG_2335The rear of the complex, seen above, is much more plain. An edge of the stone veneer on the side facade can be seen at left.

IMG_2349The front entrance parking lot is surrounded by a buff wall with oval cut-outs and a flat arch at the entrance clad in stone. The site also features mature plantings in raised beds along the periphery of the property, a particularly nice detail.


On the corner of the property is an unusual stone-clad shelter, possibly a pedestrian waiting area for buses or cars.

IMG_2339In 2010 the building was declined for landmarking, with the local preservation board stating that the building is not an exemplary project by Lamont and Fey. According to the sign above, the complex will shortly be demolished for new, more dense housing.


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