Junior High School 22, Lower East Side, NYC


New Explorations into Science, Technology & Math School was originally Junior High School 22 (also known as the Gustave Straubenmuller School). It now serves grades K-12 in this specialized curriculum. It is located at the corner of East Houston Street and Avenue D on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.


It was designed by noted regional modernists, Kelly & Gruzen from 1955-59. However there is not much information out there available about this specific design and in fact I was unable to even find the architects until recently seeing it posted on the DOCOMOMO website in an article about post-war schools. (Although at this time, the various websites accessed through this link provide no other information than architect and year built.)


Kelly & Gruzen have already been featured on Mid-Century Mundane for some of their more prominent projects here, here, and here. The school is raised on piers above the ground level and surrounds a large raised courtyard. The other engaging feature is the variety of glazed tile that decorates the facade, primarily in shades of blue. This small tile was a popular, and many times inexpensive, way to decorate the exterior of mid-century buildings.

IMG_6147 This site also includes the bland, beige Hamilton Fish Library along the East Houston Street elevation, built in 1961, to replace the original Carnegie branch at this location which was demolished for road widening access to the FDR Drive.


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2 Responses to Junior High School 22, Lower East Side, NYC

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  2. Steven Biller says:

    I graduated from Junior High School 22 in 1964, when the school was only a few years old.
    It was a beautiful building. I think it was the only school building made out of glass in all of New York City.

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