1010 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT

IMG_0157This is a slightly earlier bank than our last entry, this one dating from 1957 versus the 1964 construction date of 55 South Main Street. The design and emphasis behind the buildings is also different.

1010 Farmington Avenue, now a Sovereign Bank, has several entrances directly from the sidewalk, making this more a more commanding location with additional exterior design elements and a larger interior space to transact business. In comparison, the South Main bank is geared toward transactions via automobile with a small walk-in structure that can only be accessed through the parking lot.

IMG_0162The Farmington Avenue branch has a stripped classical brick facade with concrete detailing and large floor to ceiling windows that look out on the street in comparison to the cheaper reinforced concrete construction of 55 South Main. At the Sovereign Bank there is even a prominent side entrance accessed under a brick portico.

IMG_0158The site also includes some one-story brick stores (not shown). The entire complex was possibly built for an institution called the Society for Savings.

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3 Responses to 1010 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT

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  2. Gary LaBrecque says:

    Yes there was a bank called society for savings, I had an account. Different bank on the other end of the building.

  3. dperkins says:

    It certainly WAS the Society for Savings. 50 years ago (yike!) my 3rd grade class all got savings accounts there. I also remember the lobby being lined with tropical fish!

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