Memorial United Methodist Church, Avon, CT


This church dates from 1970, when the congregation moved to this isolated hillside site on the border of Avon, CT. Their original 1926 church was located in downtown Unionville a few miles away. However in the 1960s when Unionville, like many industrial towns went through urban renewal,  the church agreed to leave their site and move to the more rural location.

IMG_0128The complex (including a new educational wing seen above left) has some of the hallmarks of early 1970s concrete block architecture, although it is not necessarily Brutalist. Viewing the building from the side shows the variety of different levels and planes incorporated but gives less understanding the interior layout. From descriptions, the interior is unadorned concrete, matching the exterior.


The bell tower at the front of the building incorporates a bell from their 1926 location and some stained glass from the previous church was also recently discovered and is displayed in the 1970s sanctuary.


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