Levittown Public Library, Levittown, NY


The Levittown Public Library on Long Island dates later than its namesake town, which was built between 1947-51 and is considered one of the first and the quintessential postwar, planned, suburban community. Now almost all of the houses here, originally largely mass produced, have been altered, although the streetscape layout and small plot sizes remain. 

IMG_0049The first library opened at the end of the community’s development in 1951 at a rented space in the South Village Green. In 1963 the current library was opened on Bluegrass Lane in this purpose built structure. The building was designed by Long Island based architect Frederick E. Allardt Jr., a member of the AIA who was was based in Quogue and later in Brookhaven. He also designed John Glenn High School in Huntington.


The library’s design is formal and regular, although it is built on a slightly sloping site with windows on the lower level at the rear and portions of a fieldstone base. The majority of the facade is beige brick, interspersed with thin columns and topped by white, screened panels at the clerestory level, which may obscure windows. The roof is flat with a noticeable overhang. The building seems well-maintained although somewhat altered on the interior.

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