Capuchin Monastery, Church of St. John, Midtown, NYC


Facing the side of Pennsylvania Plaza‘s bulk on West 31st Street is the low-rise Capuchin Monastery of the Church of St. John the Baptist. This building is part of a larger religious complex and entering here leads to a side entrance of the church sanctuary. The hallway inside this building looks out on the west to a modernist courtyard used by the Capuchin monks. The front of the church on 30th Street looks like this (the top of the steeple can be seen in the background of the picture below).


The monastery dates from 1972-74 and was designed by the architecture firm of Genovese and Maddelene, who also did this Catholic church in a similar brown brick. The Christ figure and stained glass window above the door is by Benoit Gilsoul, who also did the sculpture on this building.

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