Loeb Drama Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA


Harvard University’s Loeb Drama Center is sited on Brattle Street in Cambridge surrounded by historic residences as well as several other mid-century structures, most owned by Harvard. The complex houses the prominent American Repertory Theater and was designed by Hugh Stubbins Associates in 1959.

IMG_6666Stubbins designed several additions to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, as well as libraries, dormitories, churches, and even Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia (demolished in 2004). He was responsible for more than 800 designs, including several important skyscrapers of the 70s and 80s. After his death, his firm merged with that of another modernist, Vincent Kling in 2007.

IMG_6669At Loeb, the bulk of the theater is set back off the street so that the low scale of the streetwall is perpetuated. The facade is glass with thin metal dividers under a flat roof held up by concrete piers. The most prominent decorative feature are the metal screens hanging from the facade that partially obscure the windows at the upper level.


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