The New York Buddhist Church, Upper West Side, NYC


The New York Buddhist Church is quietly tucked away on Riverside Drive just above West 105th Street. Its siting is peculiar, being raised one floor above grade and set back from the street, wedged in between two large, ornate turn-of-the-century rowhouses. Originally this site held another rowhouse but it was demolished and this church was built at a later date. Kelly & Gruzen, were the architects and created quite a simple, almost corporate affair with a flat paneled, one-toned facade. Building records date it from 1955, although some sources say as late as 1963. The statue in front of the building is of Shinran Shonin, the founder of the Jodo-Shinsu school of Buddhism; it was originally located in Hiroshima and survived the atomic bombing.


IMG_6044The American Buddhist Academy owns the mansion to the right and the two institutions are no doubt connected. The church has a capital campaign underway to alter and expand the building so the Kelly & Gruzen facade will most likely be gone in the next few years. The interior has already been partially renovated. Still the building as it stands now will live on in a unique way through a mosaic depiction at the 86th Street 1 Station.

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