Brooklyn Heights Branch, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Heights, NYC


The Brooklyn Heights Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library also acts as the business library for the system. It was built on the edge of Cadman Plaza and was part of the Cadman Plaza redevelopment project. The architects were Keally and Patterson, largely known as Pennsylvania architects. The firm dissolved in 1957, so this would have been at the very end of their partnership, as the building was originally planned in that year, although not built until 1961-62.









The shallow reliefs in the facade were done by Clemente Spampinato who signed the right panel. The side facade facing the triangular intersection of Clinton Street and Cadman Plaza West has a small enclosed garden and a marble panel with the phrase “All that come here to seek treasure will not take away gold but the seeker after truth and instruction will find that which will enrich the mind and heart”. The rear of the building on Clinton Street has a service entrance and small parking area and is less articulated that the front, obviously being meant to be seen by fewer people. 



The Brooklyn Library system is currently proposing to demolish this library and build a large residential tower with a smaller library within it. So this structure is probably not going to be around for much longer. Thanks to Montrose Morris for featuring this building previously and providing some great background.

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