Wells Fargo Bank, Arlington, VA


This Wells Fargo branch, at 951 S. George Mason Drive just off Columbia Pike, is an unexpected surprise in a section of Arlington that has not seen as much recent redevelopment as other areas. The building was built in 1962 and seems relatively unchanged, including travertine panels, white brick, metal lettering over the drive-thru and the decorative circular panels on the left side of the facade and at the entrance. The building has a sign for lease so it’s unclear the status of the property, but hopefully this great mid-century structure remains for a long time to come.


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2 Responses to Wells Fargo Bank, Arlington, VA

  1. Robyn Carter says:

    Hi and THANK YOU for what you are doing in general and also for highlighting this bank structure which is literally blocks away from my family home. Don’t wish to come off a picky right away but according to a newspaper ad from the time, the building first opened as a branch of The Arlington Trust Company on April 9, 1961 (The Washington Post). As a promotional gimmick, the ad also states that up until May 8, 1961 you could register to win a new 1961 Oldsdmobile F-85. It also goes on to say “The One-Quarter Million Dollar Barcroft Office Structure Has Been Designed To Provide Complete Modern Banking Services Including a 12 Hour Weekday Drive-In Banking Schedule For Commuters And Area Residents.”

  2. Thanks for the updated information Robyn!

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