Church of God, Arlington, VA


This simple vernacular building is located at 790 S. Carlin Springs Road in Arlington. It possibly seems to be a combination of several buildings of which the worship hall in front is the most prominent. The building was constructed in 1961.

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  1. Robyn Carter says:

    My mother and I not only attended this church during the 1970s, but in the later part of the 70’s we also cleaned it twice weekly. I am so glad to see it here as I’ve always loved the style of the building, even as a child. You are correct about the original building being where the front entrance is and the sanctuary is on the right and extends back.
    As I recall, it was in the period between about 1973-76 that the “Fellowship Hall” (top floor) and “School Rooms (below) were built there on that left side and extending back towards the parking lot. On Sunday’s the school rooms were used for Sunday School purposes but the church rented those (I remember there being 4) classrooms to the “Bobby School” private school that is next door to the left (out of sight).

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