Buffalo News Building, Buffalo, NY

Although the Buffalo News Building was built by acclaimed modern architect Edward Durell Stone, it is a later (1973) and lesser-known work. The building exhibits a strong horizontality like many of Stone’s other buildings. However, one difference is that this one is constructed in a beige concrete unlike Stone’s more familiar use of white marble or granite.

The building looms over the area and is situated directly off the elevated interstate so the building lacks engagement at the ground level. Still the eye is drawn to the bands of windows and the heavy overhang at the roofline, another Stone hallmark. Here one can see greenery on an outdoor terrace. There are several entrances to the building; pictured below is one of them with what are most likely original planters.

One of the most noticeable features on the interior is this fourth-floor double-height atrium with an enormous planter in the center, surrounded by offices on the periphery. Although most of the building was not accessible to visitors during this visit, the spaces I did see including  the lobby, elevators, and cafeteria definitely evoke a strong 1970s sensibility. Buffalo Rising has some much better shots of the interior, highlighting the atrium space.

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