One Boerum Place, Fulton Mall, Brooklyn, NYC

This former bank anchors one end of Fulton Mall. The building occupies a unique triangular lot created by the intersection of Boerum Place, Fulton Street and Red Hook Lane. The ground level was recently converted to retail, while the upper floors include the administrative offices of Brooklyn Law School, who owns the building. It was originally constructed for the Fulton Savings Bank in 1955.

As seen in the photograph of the side elevation, the structure has an interesting building envelope, with varying massing in both height and width. The firm of De Young, Moscowitz and Rosenberg designed the bank; they also designed apartment buildings, institutional buildings (including at the Fashion Institute of Technology) and some public housing across the city from the 1920s until the 1970s. According to an article in the New York Times by Christopher Gray, Moscowitz previously worked for York & Sawyer, an architecture firm well-known for designing banks, so the commission for One Boerum Place does not seem so random.

There are several other current and former mid-century banks along Fulton Mall which we will be featuring soon, especially in light of increasing redevelopment along the shopping corridor, which will eventually replace some of these low-rise buildings. This bank is featured in historian Francis Morrone’s An Architectural Guidebook to Brooklyn. Thanks to Francis for his ongoing expertise.

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