Mahattan Church of Christ, Upper East Side, NYC

The Manhattan Church of Christ is a monolithic Brutalist style building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It was designed in 1967 by Eggers & Higgins and built on the site of a rowhouse where the congregation had previously worshiped. The firm of Eggers & Higgins was previously featured on this website here and here (one of our first entries and since demolished), which both show a similar interest in the concrete form.

The monumental stained glass window in the Dalle de Verre style was designed by Jean-Jacques Duval and features the shape of a cross (better seen when lit at night). The sanctuary is largely unadorned and is designed to enhance the acoustics of the space since the denomination incorporates a capella singing.

The stained glass can be seen up close in some of the auxiliary rooms such as the pastor’s office. This allows for a better examination of the process of embedding the glass within concrete.

There are also other nice mid-century details still apparent on the inside including metal handrails and the floor tiles in the hallways.

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