Announcing Mundane Mondays

Starting this month, Mid-Century Mundane is launching a new reader-driven feature to help spread the word about Mid-Century architecture and this site. We have been encouraged by the response to this blog, starting as an occasional musing on mid-century vernacular, we’ve now reached 300 entries and an average of 4,000 hits a month.

For Mundane Mondays, readers are encouraged to submit a photo or photos of their favorite Mid-Century Mundane building along with any information you may know about it (architect, year of construction, history, materials). Even if you know next to nothing about a building, if you love it, please send it along. We’ll feature our favorite reader-submitted entry on Mondays. A great way to start your week! Send all entries to

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One Response to Announcing Mundane Mondays

  1. Thomas Rosell says:

    Yay! Sounds like fun. But now Ive got to pick a favorite to share.

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