East Liberty Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, PA

Another mid-century church in East Liberty, this one is at the corner of Penn Avenue and Penn Circle West. East Liberty Lutheran Church (ELLC) came to be through the merger of two existing congregations in 1964. A new building was then built within the large urban renewal area of East Liberty. The negotiations with the government took an extended period of time and planning and construction proceeded from 1964 until 1968.

It is not a lively building, the structure at street level has small recessed windows and is clad in a dull brown brick. From the sky, the plan is more apparent and the structure takes the shape of a series of interlocking diamonds.  The low-rise building is capped by a metal cross at the roofline. The architect was H. J. Ramsey, about whom I have located no further information. The website for the church includes a few interior photographs, which show the continued restrained design sensibility as the exterior.

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2 Responses to East Liberty Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, PA

  1. jroth95 says:

    FYI, it was just posted in a local paper that this property is going up for sale. The large, renewal-era housing complex across the street is going to be torn down for a new, high-end, mixed-use development; I’m sure this church property will fetch a small fortune.

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