Demolished! Summer 2012

As this blog has grown, the likelihood of some of these sites being demolished has increased due simply to the larger number of beings being featured. Sometimes I receive emails with updates about buildings that are no longer there or are in the process of demolition. Due to the increasing number of these entries, I will be doing a (hopefully) occasional entry to give updates and discuss demolished buildings. While this blog was not created exclusively to advocate against the demolition of mid-century mundane sites, it is my wish that many more of these places can be appreciated and reused. So on to our first batch:

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, NY

This building has long been considered a development site. Within a local historic district but less dense than anything around it, it was always expected that the building would be demolished. That it was finally redeveloped during an economic downturn was somewhat surprising. Renderings of its replacement can be found here and a picture of the manual demolition can be seen here, which should be complete by the time you read this.

Downtowner Motor Inn, Danville, VA

This building in downtown Danville has been abandoned for many years and was seen as an eyesore by the community. It is finally undergoing demolition and in an unusual turn of events the city of Danville has posted a live camera where you can watch the ongoing demolition.

Former Bank of America, Buffalo, NY

This bank is located on Delaware Avenue immediately adjacent to the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural site. It was most recently a Bank of America but is currently vacant. According to this recent article, complete with a computer rendering, the bank will be demolished and the site deeded to the National Park Service so that the Roosevelt site more approximates its look during the period of significance. An interesting development but not that surprising given Buffalo’s continued issues with a surplus building stock.

Washington Federal Savings & Loan, Seattle, WA

One of the main reasons I originally featured this bank is because I knew it was endangered. Despite its unique presence on the street it is being replaced by a more contextual but blander building. The bank has since moved out and is temporarily located down the street. Below is an image of the site post demolition. Too bad.

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1 Response to Demolished! Summer 2012

  1. Catherine says:

    Dang, great looking building. Thanks for the cool website! I work with Triangle Modernists Houses out of Durham, NC, I see you have some cool NC stuff on here. Thanks for all the hard work, I know its a labor of love!

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