Christ Church and United Church on the Green Parish Houses, New Haven, CT

These two parish houses in New Haven are constructed in similar mid-century styles and both have keystones noting 1961 as the year of construction. The first one is the parish house and rectory of Christ Church on Broadway. There seem to be several buildings in the complex and the impression is one of a rambling structure with a variety of facades facing different directions. The arched overhang above the windows is repeated throughout the complex and is the most notable feature in the otherwise restrained design.
The second site is the parish house for United Church on the Green. The building utilizes the same palette as Christ Church with brick massing and lighter detailing in concrete or metal. However the overhanging roofline on United Church consists of a modern-style dentiled cornice, instead of the rounded arches on Christ Church. The building is symmetrical, with two wings off a low entrance. It was designed by Pedersen and Tilney.

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