First Presbyterian Church, New Haven, CT

On Whitney Avenue in New Haven is this simple A-frame building. It was designed by architects Jim Owens and John Dinkeloo in 1966. Both were members of the congregation. That same year Dinkeloo partnered with Kevin Roche in Roche Dinkeloo, which went on to greater renown. Dinkeloo died in 1981.

The side elevation of the church is even more simplified and severe. Also on the site is a 2005 community hall building designed by Dinkeloo’s son. The church’s website has several photos and additional information about the complex.

More curious is what lies across the street, now hidden. Behind the new Worthington Hooker Middle School, completed in 2009, is a white brick building connected to the school. It was originally the First Church of Christ Scientist, built in 1950 by local architecture firm, Office of Douglas Orr. Orr did dozens of modern buildings around New Haven and Connecticut, some of which can be seen in the slideshow here (First Church of Christ Scientist is the second image). During the recent adaptive reuse the steeple was removed from the church building but I have been told it is basically the same otherwise on the exterior. It is now difficult to see the original front facade since it is connected via an elevated walkway with the school. The view above is a side elevation.

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