Capitol Park, Southwest, Washington, D.C.

This blog focuses to a large degree on commercial and civic architecture. But an examination of the architecture of the Southwest DC renewal area would be incomplete without touching on some of the innovative residential complexes that were created as part of the wholesale remaking of the area.

Capitol Park is the name given to the first residential complex completed (1956-63), which actually includes a variety of high rises and rowhouses designs. The DC firm of Satterlee & Smith, featuring most prominently Chloethiel Woodard Smith, designed the buildings and renowned landscape architect Dan Kiley was responsible for the grounds (much of which has been destroyed). Pictured above is Potomac Place, originally known as Capitol Park Apartments, one of the highrises.

The townhouses are in two separate developments and feature a stripped-down architectural style, analogous to Capitol Hill rowhouses in color, materials and dimensions, but include a wide variety of interior layouts, external courtyards and pathways which helps create a cohesive community.

The highrises, five developments in all, are done largely in neutral colors with wide expanses of glass and decorative brick screens. (Above is Potomac Place Tower, below is Capitol Park Plaza Apartments). Other buildings include Capitol Park Towers and Capitol Park Twin Towers.

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