Chase Bank, East Village, NYC

This branch of the ubiquitous Chase Bank is located at 130 Second Avenue on the corner of East 8th Street. It was built for the Bankers Federal Savings and Loan Association in 1952. The architect is listed as Alfred Hopkins, but as the well-known architect with that name had died in 1941, It must be assumed that this was his son, Alfred Jr. running the firm. The original Hopkins was known for his estate architecture but also published a book entitled “The Fundamentals of Good Bank Building” in 1929, which makes the connection even more curious.

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3 Responses to Chase Bank, East Village, NYC

  1. Lmitch says:

    Could it have been his son? Many well-known architects named their sons the same as themselves for some reason. For example, in Chicago there are at least 2, maybe 3, Jens J. Jensen’s. One is a well-known early 20th century architect, the others were less notable, but they often get confused.

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