Edward Blum School, P.S. 46, Fort Greene, NYC

While P.S. 46 (100 Clermont Avenue) seems on first view to be your standard mid-century public school, there is some inventiveness to the concrete canopy with upturned edges that extends to the street from the entrances on both sides of the building.


The school was built in 1958 by the firm of Katz, Waisman, Blumenkranz, Stein and Weber. They also worked on several hospitals including Coney Island Hospital, which still stands, as well as several other institutions of learning including at least one other public school. Two of the firms founding members were women, somewhat unusual in the 1950s. A small, low-rise auxiliary wing features a few blocks of much-needed color.

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1 Response to Edward Blum School, P.S. 46, Fort Greene, NYC

  1. katherine perez says:

    i used to be in this school

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