Rosa Coplon Jewish Home and Infirmary, Buffalo, NY

On Symphony Circle in Buffalo sits this slightly bland mid-century senior home, originally called the Rosa Coplon Jewish Home and Infirmary and most recently called Grace Manor. Other significant landmarks on the Olmsted and Vaux-designed circle include the Saarinens’ Kleinhams Music Hall (1938-1940) and Green & Wicks’ First Presbyterian Church (1889-1891).

The campus is a large complex of buildings from various eras and its main entrance now sits off a parking lot on a neighboring side street. But sitting prominently on the circle is an L-shaped building from 1953, which was the original Rosa Coplon Jewish Home and Infirmary. It was designed by Milton Milstein, a Buffalo architect who practiced with Milstein, Wittek, Davis and Associates and also designed the mid-century Rath Building in downtown Buffalo, the Jewish Center of Greater Buffalo and Olean’s City Hall.

Next to the original entrance of the Jewish Home is an inscription that states “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother” with the same inscription in Hebrew above and a relief of an elderly couple on the wall above that.

The Jewish Home moved in 1993 to a site outside of Buffalo and in 1996 became Grace Manor Nursing Home, which filed for bankruptcy in 2009. It does seem to be use again as of 2011, although the entrance on Symphony Circle has not been used as such for many decades.

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1 Response to Rosa Coplon Jewish Home and Infirmary, Buffalo, NY

  1. Rose says:

    I worked here as a Nurses Aide. This is where I got my first introduction to Jewish History . Culture and Food

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