633 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY

This small, inconspicuous building is a former bank, most recently a Bank of America, but there is older shadows of lettering for a National Bank above the entrance. It was built in 1960 with a  drive-in window through the side of the building and parking in the rear. The drive-thru signage is still present.

The siting of the bank is unusual. To the left of the structure and set back from the street is the Ansley Wilcox Mansion, now the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site (seen at left in the top photo). The is the location where Roosevelt took the presidential oath of office upon McKinley’s death. McKinley had been shot just a few days before at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo. Next to the lawn of the Wilcox House, one can see the side of the bank building with original blue enamel panels and an interior stairwell.

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2 Responses to 633 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY

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  2. Paul Tronolone says:

    This structure was originally built as a Liberty National Bank, which was purchased in the 1980s by Norstar Bank, which was purchased in the 1990s by Fleet Bank, which was purchased in the 2000s by Bank of America.

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