West End Day School, Upper West Side, NYC

Located on West 71st Street on the Upper West Side, this small-scale school building features a curved facade that evokes earlier European style modernism. It was built in 1950 as The Godmothers League and designed by architect Sylvan Bien. Bien also designed several apartment houses on Park and Fifth Avenues, the Carlyle Hotel and quite a few other buildings across the city, some with his son Robert Bien. An interesting interview with Robert can be found here.

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12 Responses to West End Day School, Upper West Side, NYC

  1. It may have been built in the MCM period, but that style screams Art Deco and Streamline Moderne. Love this building.

  2. We love the fence! It completes the design well. A great historical piece of architecture in the Upper West Side. It’s nice to see buildings from different time periods throughout Manhattan.

  3. Joanne Stone Wyman says:

    Love that building! My Grandmother was a founder of Godmother’s League.

  4. Gary Davis says:

    Was this school called the godmothers league school?

  5. Joanne Wyman says:

    The Godmother’s League opened a day nursery program in 1917 and subsequently built this building to house a facility known as the Children’s Day Treatment Center. In the 1980s, it morphed into the West End Day School.

  6. Joanne Wyman says:

    Gary- I believe it is the Children’s Day Treatment Center dba West End Day School.

    • Gary Davis says:

      Must not be the same one.

      I’ve been looking for the Godmothers league school for years, but I cannot find any information on it.

      Not sure if there’s anything out there.

      • Joanne Wyman says:

        Tell me more about the school you’re looking for.

        Meanwhile, I know this building is the one that housed a school founded by the Godmother’s League. I have a photo of my grandmother and others at the groundbreaking. A copy of that photo used to be on the West End Day School’s website, but it’s been dropped. My grandmother was President & then President Emeritus of Godmother’s League. I remember her organizing Godmother’s League fundraising luncheons with celebrity speakers. I have a couple of the booklets. The Godmother’s League also had a “thrift” shop that helped raise funds for the school. I believe the Godmother’s League still exists and raises funds on behalf of the West End Day School.

        Any of this ring a bell?

      • Gary Davis says:


        The name of the school was “the Godmothers League school”

        None of what you described rang a bell, unfortunately.

        I think I am at a dead end here.

        I still have no information on it, and have not found anything.

      • Joanne Wyman says:

        Not a dead end, iMHO. See this snippet I found on Google:
        G.K. Farley, ‎S.G. Zimet – 2013 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
        Day treatment center and school: Seven years experience. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 35, 160–169. Describes the program at the Children’s Day Treatment Center and School (formerly the Godmother’s League School) in New York …

        The “institution” the Godmother’s established went through several name changes and adjustment of mission.

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