Mid-Century Mundane Links: May 2011

Here are several links from the past few weeks related to buildings and architects I have covered or just links of general mid-century mundane interest.

  • Goldberg’s Prentice Hospital in Chicago is granted a temporary stay of execution.
  • The real estate listing for this Neutra-built home in Beverly Hills doesn’t even list his name and is being pushed as a development site.
  • This article highlights the plight of a modern building in New Orleans. Sadly there are many other examples, including some stellar landmark-worthy structures.
  • Article on full-on preservation fight over this mod 60s restaurant outside of LA. I’m only glad I got to tour the interior before its conversion to “Vivere”.
  • A brief interview about living in a modernist house in Kingston, NY. The house itself is interestingly mundane and was designed by  the same architect as a modernist church near Woodstock.
  • Newly designated as a landmark (pdf) in New York City: The Japan Society
  • A rare Paul Rudolph townhouse for sale in New York City.
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1 Response to Mid-Century Mundane Links: May 2011

  1. James Black says:

    I did a report on La Villa Basque, the mod 60s restaurant to which you linked in this post, on my Lower Modernisms blog:


    By the way, I came across your blog here a couple of months ago and have enjoyed getting caught up! I am a fan of your work.

    James Black

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