Church of St. Matthew and St. Timothy, Upper West Side, NYC

A dramatic mid-block church completed in 1970 following the destruction of the previous church by fire. The architect is Victor Christ-Janer, who also designed religious structures in New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont and Minnesota among others. It reminds me of another striking mid-block concrete church which replaced a more traditional structure. This website has an older picture of the exterior and one of the interior. The facade is covered by numerous doors, crevices, and different levels of entry.

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1 Response to Church of St. Matthew and St. Timothy, Upper West Side, NYC

  1. tgflux says:

    My church, when I lived in NYC (1990-94). Trust me, I didn’t choose it for the architecture!

    The story *I* was told (I have no idea if this is true or not): the destruction of the 19th edifice happened when the church was firebombed by drug dealers (whom the church had been combatting). It was rebuilt in this Brutalist style—a literal bomb shelter!—to make a STATEMENT re the church’s staying power.

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