Former C&P Telephone Building, Lynchburg, VA

A small, insignificant office building in Lynchburg at 701 Main Street. The building caught my eye because of the unique concrete panel detailing including matching fence. The building was constructed in 1964. At some point it was part of the C&P Telephone complex, which lies up the hill from it on Church Street. You can still see a faint telephone logo on the brick wall to the right of the front door.

Verizon still owns the larger two buildings there. One portion of the Church Street complex (below) looks like it might have been remodeled at the same time as the Main Street building.

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1 Response to Former C&P Telephone Building, Lynchburg, VA

  1. Ken Attenhofer says:

    That building was build in the 60’s by the C&P telephone Co. and was the location where telephone customers, in the 1960’s would go to get telephone service set up. When I went there in 1965, I had to talk to a customer service person on one of a number of desk telephones to get service started!

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