Church of the Crucifixion, Harlem, NYC

I almost posted this as a not so mundane post because this building, the Episcopal Church of the Crucifixion, is definitely not your typical mid-century building and doesn’t look like anything else in New York. However it does bear quite a strong resemblance to Le Corbusier’s famed Notre Dame du Haut in France. Also, there seems to very little information on the architect, Costa Machlouzarides, including any other buildings he may have designed.

The structure was completed in 1969 and replaced a previous church destroyed by fire in 1963.  It sits perched on a sloped side street at the intersection of West 149th Street and Convent Avenue in Harlem, wedged into a residential neighborhood. While the white exterior could use a good cleaning, it seems to otherwise be in good shape.

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2 Responses to Church of the Crucifixion, Harlem, NYC

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  2. Margo Alleyne says:

    I went to the old church as a little girl. I remember the fire, we subsequently had to use the basement for worshipping until the new was constructed. Fond memories ☺!

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