Downtowner Motor Inn, Danville, VA

Here is the Downtowner Motor Inn at the corner of Union  and Main Streets in downtown Danville. The building is completely abandoned and seemed largely gutted on the interior. On Union Street next to the garage entrance are signs of a former bar/lounge. It appears that the complex has been empty for many years, if not decades.

The Downtowner was a motor inn chain with locations across the south, midwest and west. I’ve only seen one historic image of one in the northeast, in Rochester, NY. I have no idea how many of these buildings have survived since the Downtowner chain went out of business. Click here to see a postcard from the late 60s/early 70s of the Danville building.





Rear of the building. Bright blocks of color seemed to be a signature of the Downtowner chain. Here is another example from Wheeling, WV.

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3 Responses to Downtowner Motor Inn, Danville, VA

  1. Douglas Stanley Jr. says:

    This is actually a pretty interesting building. It doesn’t look like a typical MCM building… it almost has some Bauhus-like qualities to it. If I were put in charge of renovating it, I wouldn’t change the basics.

  2. JD says:

    This building is in the process of being demolished.

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