Ebenezer Baptist Church, Flushing, NY

A brutalist style church with a striking stained glass steeple. It was built from 1971-73 on Prince Street in Flushing. Its bulk seems strained on this cramped side street.

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2 Responses to Ebenezer Baptist Church, Flushing, NY

  1. Douglas Stanley Jr. says:

    There’s some raw, stained concrete exposed here, but I don’t really consider this brutalist at all. MCM influenced, yes, but there’s too much brick, stained glass, and ornament here to be brutalist, I think. Brutalist usually means “mainly plain, untextured concrete” to most observers.

  2. Douglas Stanley Jr. says:

    Looking closer at this (gracias for your high res pics!), that’s not brick, but it’s still textured in a way that doesn’t resemble your typical ugly concrete facade.

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