Newburgh Free Library, NY

Newburgh, NY is known for its wealth of Victorian architecture, including one of the largest areas listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s also well known for the 1835 Dutch Reformed Church, a masterpiece by Alexander Jackson Davis. But Newburgh is also known for a major downturn in the 1960s and several areas of the city were demolished through urban renewal. One interesting juxtaposition that illustrates this is that right next to the Dutch Reformed Church is the Newburgh Free Library from the mid-1970s. The church sits on a hill on the left side of the library (not visible in this picture).

Local oral history is that I. M. Pei’s son was the library’s architect and it was his first work. But I have found nothing to confirm this.

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  1. C. M. Beaudoin says:

    I would truly love to see a close up of the Dante sculpture by ? Paolo Abbate Is there one available? I am an art history teacher and I knew Paolo Abbate, and in fact, have some letters from him.

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