Banks of Pittsburgh, PA

A nice selection of mid-century banks from Pittsburgh.

4612 Forbes Avenue. Purchased in 2009 by Carnegie Mellon University as part of a large plot, including the Brutalist style building at 4615 Forbes Avenue for approximately $25 million. See related post. Will most likely be demolished soon.

4600 Fifth Avenue.

4112 Butler Street in Lawrenceville.

1801 Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill.

6000 Penn Avenue in East Liberty. Formerly a PNC Bank.

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2 Responses to Banks of Pittsburgh, PA

  1. Matt says:

    4600 5th Avenue is by Skidmore Owings and Merrill. The roof structure is like giant bridge trusses. These cover both the building and the parking area.

  2. jroth95 says:

    6000 Penn is gone, demolished last summer. It had replaced a skyscraper, one of a pair in the heart of East Liberty. The other, by Daniel Burnham, sat empty for 25 years before finally being renovated for high end apartments.

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