More Modern at Brown and RISD, Providence, RI

All information in this post was culled from the excellent PPS/AIAri Guide to Providence Architecture by Wm. McKenzie Woodward.

John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Brown University, 10 Prospect Street, 1962-64. Architects: Warner, Burns, Toan & Lund.

List Art Center, 64 College Street, 1971. Designed by Philip Johnson.

Prince Engineering Laboratory, 355 Brook Street, 1962.

RISD Dormitories, 47 Waterman Street, 1955-57. Designed by Cull, Robinson and Green with Pietro Belluschi.

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3 Responses to More Modern at Brown and RISD, Providence, RI

  1. The RISD residence hall on College Hill was actually a remarkably sensitive solution to a difficult, hilly site by virtue of its rather masterful terracing of forms. The addition by William Warner, which obscures the sculptural aspect of the original by infill along the curve of Waterman Street, was an unfortunate accretion.

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  3. error404 says:

    Prince Engineering Laboratory was designed by SHERWOOD, MILLS & SMITH of Stamford, CT.

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