Providence’s Cathedral Square, RI

One of the most interesting, if unsuccessful urban renewal spaces in Providence is I.M. Pei and Zion & Breen’s 1969 Cathedral Square.

The plaza is laid out in front of the grand if moldering Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul (1878-89) by Patrick Keeley.

On the northside are E. F. Kennedy’s Roman Catholic Chancery Office and Auditorium (1966-67), completed at roughly the same time as the plaza. On a recent visit in the middle of the day, the plaza was deserted, used mostly as a pass-through to get other places.

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1 Response to Providence’s Cathedral Square, RI

  1. RJP3 says:

    Intential wasted space – why is the fountain allowed to stay broken? why is there no updated lighting fixtures and landscaping? Why? Because someone wants that street opened to development again.

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