Former Ambassador College in Pasadena: Part Two

In Pasadena on the former Ambassador College campus down the hill from the empty Science and Fine Arts Buildings lay several more mid-century structures.

Halfway down W. Green Street at 300 is the empty Hall of Administration from 1968. This building was also designed by Peter J. Holdstock, the architect of the aforementioned Art and Science Halls. The interior, although dilapidated, retains many mid-century touches. The building is part of a trio of buildings with a large plaza and water features in the center. It is unclear how this building will be utilized going forward.


View facing the interior campus

The centerpiece of the plaza is undeniably the Ambassador Auditorium, an enormous 1,262 seat performing arts hall constructed and decorated with some of the most ostentatious materials, including 24-carat gold on the exterior parapet, onyx, black granite, teak and rosewood. I’m not sure but I assume the building was designed by Peter Holdstock. The interior design is by Robert Smith. The acoustics are supposedly astounding. It is currently used by new owner Harvest Rock Church for events, but is sometimes open to the public for special events.


The third building in the trio is a student center with a dining hall and meeting space, which was purchased in 2004 through a joint partnership of Marantha High School, a Christian prep school. The school also purchased two other buildings, the Physical Education Complex and Men’s Dormitory.


Student Center


Physical Education Building


Wall art on Physical Education Building

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