Not So Mundane: Edward Durell Stone in Pasadena, CA

The following is from a recent trip to Southern California. I’m starting the series off with one of the least mundane sites I visited, and one that is a great preservation success story. This building was originally the main offices of Stuart Pharmaceutical Company in East Pasadena. It was designed in 1958 by Edward Durell Stone, who also designed Two Columbus Circle in New York City (now badly altered), among other buildings.


In 2006, the Stuart site was adapted for condos with new apartments erected behind the main building. However, this main building was beautifully adapted as the sales office and common spaces, with many of the original details still in place. It’s open during the day to prospective buyers. An image of the company pool, which has also been incorporated into the complex, can be seen here. A theater company from Glendale is also currently planning to build a 350 seat theater at the edge of the site.

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3 Responses to Not So Mundane: Edward Durell Stone in Pasadena, CA

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  2. ral310 says:

    I grew up with this elegant mid-century modern building and love it!

  3. George Moran says:

    The condos sticking up behind the Front facade have ruined the beautiful roof line of the original building. In a perfect world………

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