Not So Mundane: Macy’s on Queens Boulevard

In 1963 Macy’s hired the renowned architecture firm of Skidmore Owings and Merrill to design a store on Queens Boulevard. This area is not known for innovative architecture, although there are a few modernist structures scattered in the vicinity. The round design of the mall with parking lining the interior of the facade was obviously a unique solution to deal with maximizing floor space and proving incentives for drivers to visit the mall. Completed in 1965, the mall has over time been altered and the large exterior signage detracts from the simple but facade. As part of the design of the mall, SOM also designed several other adjacent smaller round structures, the circular entrance parking ramps of the mall at the rear:

and a round bank in front at 87-11 Queens Boulevard seen in the foreground of the first picture. See this post for more background on the bank building. Sadly, the interior of the mall is completely altered and preservation of this building is not probable.

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