Christ the King, Middle Village, NYC

I photographed the attached school on a trip to Middle Village, Queens. Christ the King Regional High School was built in 1961-62 by Stickle and Associates. The firm was located in Cleveland, OH, existed from 1952-1966, and building almost exclusively Catholic schools and churches from what I could find. There was a small pamphlet the firm published on designing high schools, entitled “Presenting a High School Story.”

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3 Responses to Christ the King, Middle Village, NYC

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  2. James R says:

    Interesting article — apparently just 10 years after this school building was erected, the Diocese
    of Brooklyn spun this and five other Catholic high schools off in 1976 to nonprofit education groups renting the excess space.

  3. James R says:

    *just under 15 years after…. (misread your date above)

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