Queens Plaza and supposed redesign, NYC

Now back in New York, I’ll be exploring the mid-century mundane we have around here and we have lots! Of course we have amazing modern landmarks like Lever House, the Seagram Building, the Paul Rudolph townhouse and much much more. Still there is plenty interesting mundane, especially outside of Manhattan. Let’s first take a look at a building that is much maligned in Queens and probably not long for this world.

Situated at the nexus of Queens Plaza is a municipal parking garage. According to Kevin Walsh on his well known blog Forgotten New York (I’ve been on several of Kevin’s walking tours and own his book) the parking garage was built in 1975 in a brutalist concrete style. I love the raised oval openings on the second floor of the garage which really elevate this from just a concrete structure. Still I’d say pretty much everyone else hates it and is scheduled for demolition someday when the Queens Plaza redesign is finally implemented. The stores closed on the ground floor years ago and most people will not mourn this but I’ll miss it everytime I drive across the Queensborough Bridge (which albeit is not often)! More pictures below and Kevin has more info and photos on this page.

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2 Responses to Queens Plaza and supposed redesign, NYC

  1. Joe Vega says:

    As you likely know… It’s gone now.

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