Red and Green Mundane Modern Holidays

These are two office buildings in Lynchburg, Virgina across from each other at 1000 Church Street (green) and 1003 Church Street (red).

Because of their color next to each other they take on a special significance at the holidays. Still, many people don’t even think much of them. The red building built in 1957 now houses a law firm but looking at the wrap-around metal canopy and the drive-thru window it was obviously built as a bank. And it used to be a more standard green/blue paneling.

The green building built in 1960 currently houses government offices. The buildings are a great addition and juxtaposition to the high quality of neo-classical, romanesque and deco civic structures nearby. Hopefully these buildings will be around for a long time!

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6 Responses to Red and Green Mundane Modern Holidays

  1. roadsidenut says:

    Yes, I hope they will be around forever! But folks are not very sensitive to their beauty yet. So, reddie was repaneled at some point? When? Any chance that you know if these two from the same designer(s)?

  2. Rick says:

    Very interesting site you have! Here is a photo I took of the “Red” building back in the late 1990’s when it still had the bank name and logo and dark green panels. Building appears to be once again vacant as of July 2011, at least the ground floor.

    Co-operative Savings Bank

  3. Isaac Feig says:

    Do you know who owns these buildings?

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