West End Branch Library, Washington, DC


The West End Branch of the District of Columbia Public Library was built in 1966-67 and designed by Albert O. Goenner Associates, a local architect who also designed the Palisades Branch Library. The West End Branch website has a very extensive history of the building and also covers the architect in more depth. If only every public building had such a well-documented building history! The building itself is a slightly formal affair, consisting of a one-story brick and glass base with a second story of concrete and glass, practically identical on all sides.


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One Response to West End Branch Library, Washington, DC

  1. Hilary says:

    I think the portico is charming, especially the subtle distribution of light and shadow over the course of a day.
    I am sorry that the entire structure will be demolished:


    “Anthony…Lanier is founder and President of EastBanc, the group that was awarded Square 37 for development…tearing down the West End Library and building a new library.”

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